( Top 10 ) - Last Updated June 11th, 2012

Top on List :: To be able to Marry the one i choose.
Wanna stay with Pogi ko in beautiful and peaceful Pampanga <3

Have chalet with friends every year at Pasir Ris thr~
Have my friends and (hopefully, but i won't force it) family to accept my choices and my life.
Learn to hold liquor a bit better. (but i probably can never do it)
Get better stamina, so i can swim the next time i go to the beach. (stamina too bad to swim for more than a few mins, i might drown)
NDS~ with layton n PW
A pretty pet kitty ( I needs playmate)
Moi-meme-Moitie dress - lifelong dream X3
Volks Dolfie

Old list fulfilled/scrapped:
Lappy ( I needs ) <-- I GOT IT A PINK ONE!!
Harddrive ( I needs new one, FIXED)
Good conditioner to fix my hair. (I just have no
time for shopping) <-- Got it Too~!! <3
PSP ( can i?? "OwO") <-- thanks dar~
New shelf to keep my stuff!! ( i has messy room)
To find forgiveness from his Hatred against me - dun care anymore since i hate him nao.