Monday, July 22, 2013

Is half a month past the hair disaster.

My hair growing longer and longer. i got to another saloon to have a trim and my hair looks so much better now as it grows out.

Sure my face looks as round as ever, but it's improving everyday. ribbon works well in covering anything eeky, i am kinda falling in love with clipping ribbons on my hair. I ish make chant spell everyday for hair to grow faster, i think it works.

Stretch it
twist it
make it grow
like a river 
let it flow
three times fast shall it hair grow
this is my will
so mote it be.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Trying to make the best out of bad situation...

Since my hair is beyond repairable for now, i guess i just have to do something to make me feel good i guess? putting on makeup doesnt seem to make me look any better, so saddening, so eh....i just went to tie my hair in a way i think makes me look good.

I apologize for no makeup and my naturally dead looking face. So how does it look, u can see some black parts there, my hair's been growing out from the brown part i dyed around christmas 2012. Thus, why my hair gets rounder when it's shorter, since there's no long hair weight to pull the hair all straight down anymore.

i wonder how long it has grown though and how fast it will's not a lot i think, but i hope it will grow faster with all the treatments/massaging i've been doing to my head. u may think i bimbo la, worry so much about it. Have u heard dat hair is girl's life. it is important to me, splitends or not. hope i can get it to a length it so long by dec, dat after i rebond it, i'll never have to worry about it again. but i doubt la. probably need wait until next year to do the rebonding. So eh....have to wait and always tie my hair when i go out i guess.

So sad. ="<

Bad haircut days.

So i had a bad haircut at a saloon that turned my hip length hair into this:

i refuse to live with this. wat fashion?!! it looks so stupid.

So i got soooooo frustrated they turned my into this thick thing, telling me this is supposingly the now "in" thing. Do you think i care about that?? I WANT HAIR!! I told the freakin lady to trim my hair to get rid of the split ends and i intend for it to grow to knee length, not change my hairstyle with like 6 inches off! And so the haircut has also cut away my ego and confidence. (i was very proud of my long hair before i cut it though it has many spliends) So shit, what have been done is done, i am never going back to a saloon to get my hair cut ever again.

I had to fix my hairstyle back at home. at first under frustration, i kinda ruined it and i am force to fixed, so now it ended up something like this.

Well this is the best i can fixed it, as u can see it got shorter thus my hair is starting to bob up thanks to the shortness of it and i hate it. the side bangs have became too short. Mac said i look boyish now which make me even sadder. i hope my hair grows faster, i am trying out all hair growing techniques online to get my hair to grow faster, i hope i'll look back to normal by the end of the year to look like this again...

wish my luck man....eesh it looks like mushroom even then. but ehhh....anything better than it looks like now.
I shall try take photo like every 1-2 month to observe my hair growth....pray man....prayyyyy