Saturday, May 11, 2013


Ish going to see my mamac soon in like 36 hours time. I feel so nervous, my heart's racing and i can't sleep. Thinking back the past few months hasn't been great for us is one factor why i'm getting so nervous, the other  reason is because i hate to come to him, them leaving like dat early in the morning again. that thought and memories of the last time at the airport had really really freaked me out. Now i have airport phobias. I scared to cry in public.

Mac house today no electricity, no internet. it has been days since i last heard his voice. So i'm kinda at the jittery panicky mode without him being by my side reassuring me. He should be sleeping now, i miss him a lot. well. just have to hold on a bit more then i can sleep in peace. I wanna tell him so much i wanna be with him and scared to leave him. ="< yeah it sounds stupid, being scared of airport just because i cried at the airports before. hate crying alone la!

just a bit more and i'll see him again. Hope it be great and loving this time!