Monday, December 24, 2012

1 week here~

It's been a week I've been here and i could say i am doing pretty well. Still cant hold my liquor (feel so bad being the troublesome one) and so much salty foods. I met more and more mac relatives and friends, pera i just feel veh veh shy about it. too many peoples!! LOL

We had a christmas dinner last night and got to play the "guess the word" game on tv. Dat koby keeps making fun of me, as well as the kaloy. Many facepalms of the day, but i guess it is ok. =) Tita Ann (Jackjack's mom) brought a doggy to dinner. So cute~! Her name is Amber. She responds to her name though, mac says is because it is a puppy so it wears pampers. Poor Amber got sick today, so they bringing her to vet. I met so many people to the point i dun remember their names...hmmm lets see wat i can remember. Karl, Katrina, Janica, Nic, Kelvin...ehhh i think dat's it and i probably missed one. Heh. I din get to meet Sheila and her family though, dunno if they gonna visit for the rest of the days i am here.

We've been going out for coffee when we have nothing better to do. The streets are filled with lights and parol decorations, it's a very beautiful sight in the evenings, where the shops are still open with these star shaped, flower shaped lanterns sparkling about.

Other than people at dinner, i met Polly~! She a very friendly funny chubby girl, i like her a lot. She talks a lot, which is good, since i don't if no one does. hehe. We went Karaoke and sing song. Jackjack and Polly so shocked dat i can sing dat 2 filipino song, though i have no idea wat i am singing. I just know the lyrics because i memorized it. =p Mamac calls Polly "Poypoy"

I watched tv there are many Mikey Bustos commercials, One of them said filipinos like to repeat names like John-john and Ley-ley. So i repeated after the commercial, "And Mamac. Oh and Kovkov too!" They all giggled.

I still no have got pressies for my siblings yet since we no go out, no more moolah anymoar. LOL. Only left with 50 bucks because i went to the hair salon with Mac and Yves to get my hair rebonded and colored last thursday. it costs a bomb for us but it's quite worth it i guess. My hair all smooth smooth and easier to managed now. Though it breaks easily. Needa take care of it properly when i get home, cannot be lazy anymoar.

Now i have nothing better to do. at least i got to have some veges to nom today. *cheers with tears in eyes* FINALLY~!! Haha! Kaloy and Katrina ish still here though, but they always outside in living room while me and the boys gets stuck here in room with our coms. I walk out every once and then to sit outside with them and chat a bit. Then comes in again. Not doing very well am i. I guess dat's the end of my post for today because i am lazy and mac is trying to peek at it.



Friday, December 14, 2012

Flying to Mamac again~!

I ish now at airport waiting for the plane. guess wat? I've got the first seat yo, 1A wierd luck?

Have been waiting for this for days. Being nervous and freaking out everyday, i finally arrived at the day i ish gonna see my mamac again. I wonder how he be later, how he'll smell like and how will he dress like. I dress all pretty though. All there is now is wait about 3hrs? Till i see him again. My only love.

Some australian uncle tried to pick me up just now. i must have looked veh pretty. But he old uncle, look eeky and too chatty, kinda irritating. But maybe because he old man, need ppl to chat with all the time. hmm...

Now i looking outside T2 E22 to see if plane arrives soon.

Now to my 21 days holiday~ Or till the end of the world (at least i get to die or wat so ever with him. haha!)

Jya, Adios!!