Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not as before

You guys already know, i am not as innocent, not as girly, not as romantic, not as caring as before. Hurt, sick and tired of always trying to cater to everyone's needs, wants and rubbish, which really took a toll on me. I always wondered what actually happened and eventually puts the blame on myself, as i am someone who believes in creating my OWN future instead of waiting for what the future can give me.

What can i do, to feel safe now? I used to just feel safe by just hugging, but eventually that was no more. I got insecure and somewhat my feelings were blocked, making me stay in a null mode.


My insecurities kept me in fear, made me upset and i feel so much not in control of many things.

I cannot believe or trust anyone or anything. Which is kinda sad. ARGHHHH


ok...disabled...back to the topic...

Yeah...it is prolly i gave out too much romantic feelings and there is NON left in me. Hohoho~ men to me = NOTHING. Seriously, i could just change and have a girlfriend/pedophile if i want, but mind u i am no lesbian. I would just be with the person once i believe that i have the need to care for them.

So now my love = EXTREME CARE.

Not sure if i am ever gonna develop any romantic feelings ever again, but i am happy with the love that i have now. Even though i might not have that heart pumping excitement when i am with him, at least i feel secure enough that he will try not to hurt me (as much).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mewwww...>.< *pokes waist*

Which should i be more worried of??
The unbalance distribution of fats or that slight (abnormal) curve of the spine towards the left of my waist... >.<

Actual...i think more or less accurate (from what i remember it being like) illustration.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Saw little again, it's still in my jungle like garden. See how comfy it looks nested in there. Tell you a secret, it actually lets me touch it now~!! Such a darling little thing, i think it knows i mean no harm. I can carry it with 1 arm and it doesn't struggle. *proud*

Not gonna catch it today since my bf's not coming over, by keeping it, father will grrr at me. So let's wait until he does then, hopefully 2moro. =)

It's gonna rain now though, i wonder if it's gonna be ok outside, or issit gonna hide under some car again.

Another cute photo of the stray leh-bit today~♥:

Cute?? =)

It actually sits on my lap calmly~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rabbit appeared again!!♥

Took a picture of it~ Cute huh~!!♥

The bunny was here for lunch though...i think it's on it's way to become one with the wilderness. it's becoming a strayyyyy...totally should catch it and give it to my bf so that it can be domestic again. Cute fat bunneh...till the next time i see you again, will be missing you~!!

Got to carry it again though...see how fat it ish compared to me \(≧w≦)/

Kitty's day

Another extra day out with my Bao bei again, but he seems pretty tired though. Kept yawning and dozing off while getting his van repaired. we went to the pasar malam (night market) today though, got lots of good food and snacks, then again...he dropped dead asleep on cam...*stares at him*

I guess he was really tired out due to his work again. Oh wells...

Well, i heard the bunny came back again though. My sister, having eeky bunny hunting skills, tried to catch it, failed badly when the bunny scratched her and ran away. Ah wells, I'll try to catch it the next time i see it. =) *gives out evil bunny hunting aura* Oh cutsey cutsey bunnehhhhh...

Finished on Uccello Fatale's main team (Emyth Zandra) today will continue to finish Chiyo tomorrow. XDD

Chromaggia - Psyche - Raven

Currently watching anime: Lovely Complex

Kinda entertaining though, since it's a love comedy. Comedies are awesome, with that touch of sweetness. Recommending you guys to watch it too~!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Funny Bunny

Should start blogging again because i am bored. Anyways, first reviving blog post:

A bunny found at my house yard when i reached home today.

My bf took noticed of it first and was like "there's a rabbit at ur house."

Caught it and carried it into the house until father told me to throw it out back into the yard again and leave it alone. It was a cute, fat (not to say heavy) bunny though. ♥

Chased after it around the yard for these piccies until it escaped to the neighbor's place when Roi (my pet dog) took noticed of it.

My bf say if i catch it again, give it to him to keep. Just now he say no want keep cause he thinks bunny might be smelly. But no leh...i bao it. my shirt no smelly. So....yarh neighbour's house....will try to get it back though. My bf say his sister might want, since it no smelly, can keep ba. =D

Bunny so damned cute~♥ *swoons*

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kitty print screen messages

So i guess i am alone? So...

My chat log on msn. on Friday the 13th of may 2011 GMT+8
Mewsh = me, as u humans know.

I guess what he says did me justice. But...i dunno...some part of it makes me feel that i am sinful still. After what i did in my past, i am sure i hurt many others with that arrogance and selfishness i have. *sigh*

But am sure i have no wrong, no regrets.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kitty had a l♥vey day~!

Went out with my Bao bei today, being lovely dovey and all. Good food, good place to rest, good kisses and he even let me trimmed his eyebrows. Hehe...

It's all so comfy with him, it always makes me so sleepy and calm. There were no quarrels, just random chat and discussions that made me reassured again and again that i can trust him and love him more.

Just have to draw this to vent my overwhelming love for him~

A portrait of me and my love ♥ I bet we'll be having small eyes babies in the future. Hahaha...

Yes i intend to like end up with him in marriage eventually.


Reply to Sandra's comment: Thanks couz~! =) I'll try to give it my all in design comm. but in regards to animation, i can self-teach. I know a good advance animation book that i will be able to use to gain instant access to disney like animation. Just have to find it and dig it out when i go to the bookstores.

For character animation

This is a very cool effects book I've read and it has a guide to do like traditional 2d animation liquid-like animations for water/fire/wand sparkles effects. U should dig it out somewhere and read it too~! It's a really awesome book!! =D

*wants vol2 too* (saves monehhh*

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kitty hoping not to regret...

I hope i won't regret on giving up on further animation studies and pursue fine arts related field studies...

Well u guys may have known, i gave up on continuing pursuing on animation and took up a design comm course which has more link to contemporary fine arts really than animation or film.

Suddenly i dunno what is right anymore. Very confused, but still...i love animating a lot. But i wanted to pursue something which i can understand how my artwork affects others. Maybe i could input that magic from animation into contemporary arts itself. And i kinda wanna make it happen. i know i love drawing...pursuing anything that allows me to do that will be enough to keep me happy. But I'm kinda nervous and scared now, picking up something new. I am kinda like a freshman when it comes to fine arts itself. Honestly, i do not like it very much, the modern arts. But somewhat, i have the urge to want to "overtake" the current trends + understanding how an art form can affect another human. Thus...i picked up the current path...

Still somewhat...i feel kinda sad for it because i really really love animation and film studies.

Somewhat...somehow...i hope i can make it. Turning my path to contemporary arts but still WITH my animation input.

I will not give up my 5 years old dream, back in 1995...my dream to become a cartoonist and an artist. I hope that everyone will lend me their love and support for me to achieve that.

I seriously need that backup courage that i lacked badly.

Damned...i am so emotionally bad when it comes to adapting.|

*scardy cat*

Thursday, March 31, 2011

29th March: Grandpa just passed away

Days when we were stupid kids, our dear Grandpa will always bring us out for tikam or icecream on his old trusty motorcycle.

We will miss you for everything. T-T

Rest in Peace, we naughty kids will grow up to be awesome adults, you wait and see.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm not selfish, it's just that i believe in a fair trade.

These days, since i've been pretty much free at home doing artwork. There had been some form of request for me to do art. AND all these humans EXPECTING ME to do it for free. I'm not a selfish person, but first i have to say, i believe in a fair trade.

Let's see: YOU never invited me out anymore for at least 1 year or more (simply to say u totally forgot about me), never treated me anything, never chat with me, never have concern with my life, never even will call me for your wedding dinner etc etc. What in my position to do things for you for free?

Well, to you i may look selfish. But who's the selfish one? You let me do things for you for free, while i starve eating Instant noodles everyday, feeding on MSG, feeding on Coffee to boost my brains, travel out to get my EXPENSIVE art materials just for your work etc etc and i get nothing...NOT EVEN A SINGLE "THANKS" at least. OK, maybe just one thanks, then you disappear again from my life until u need something from me again. FREE.

So what if you don't have the "TALENT" to do something, it took me 16 years to perfect what (my artwork skills) i have now. I don't see why i have to starve and give you something. I just earned 2k from my boyfriend for work and now it's draining away for you humans. This is kinda like my breakin' point already, as you humans might have known. i am not that rich, and i already lost like 3kg in the last few months. I AM UNDERWEIGHT NOW, YOU FOOL AND U STILL WANNA MAKE ME STARVE?? DAMNED.

Even my BF pays me for my work, i don't see why u as my friends can't.

Friends from dA, Facebook and reality, understand my plight.

"But BEWARE of people trying to take advantage of you.
Many people want things for free and this is too much to ask for sometimes. When you are starting out free is understandable, but eventually you will reach a point where your computer will break, your car needs gas, and your camera is expensive and you will realize free means you don't have any money to do it anymore. So once you get good start charging!"
(Quoted from Apri1)

It's because i feel that you're my friend that i do something for you, FOC. If you never treated me as one, have some humanity.

At least, gimme a meal.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kitty rants about history...

Pretty much come and go, my love life churning and turning around and around. I tired, seriously given up on men. I'm no longer a man-hungry teenager, no longer have the need to survive for those who don't appreciate or respect me and my life.

I don't know what I'm saying now is actually right. There's always gray lines, so what i say may not be entirely true.

My ex-es have disrespected me or my life, you my readers had seen these in your eyes through my blog, through my life itself. I'm tired of crying, tired of dying and EXTREMELY TIRED of feeling guilty. I've lived my life trusting who i shouldn't trust and i need not it happening again. I have given so much in return to just cry in the dark, WHAT THE HELL?? It hurts me even more that they have no guilt for themselves and it totally URKS me to see them trying to make themselves the hero of their story. Even though they might or might not know it, they always have some scheme up in their hands to exert pressure and guilt on me. Making me the guilty party, the 'bad girl'. Each and every time, the breakup turned out to be something their peers will KILL me about. "She should die, she does not deserve you." I'm not blind ya' know? I still have eyes and stop making it public that I'm a slut. Maybe i should die. But i am sure, being the one that dumped them, they do not deserve me. It's like keeping a pet, if you don't have the heart to love and take care of it properly, DON'T. Sheesh.

I have the rights to love whomever i want and dump whoever that disrupts my life. Life's harsh, just take it in. If you still think you have no wrong, you shouldn't even talk to me right now. Though I might be at fault, I'm sure SOMETHING triggered it, ya know.

My current boyfriend loves me, respected me and even more encouraged me for everything i do. I do not feel the pressure of age, occupation nor education status. Though he couldn't speak English well, though he knows NIL about art. I find nothing to dislike him. He made me understand more about myself, understand there should not be such pressure upon our relationship. He makes me feel that i need to even more improve myself in whatever ways and it will not cause any pressure in our relationship, more aiding then failing actually. He's pretty much ok with my friends and thinks that Ah Muis is amusing <3.

I am happy.

I will even more happy if my past stop haunting me though, every time just wanting me to feel guilty that i have dumped a joke of my life. Stop talking about him, stop stalking my blogs and online networks if you don't want to get hurt, stop talking about me with MY PEERS and my dear friends, please just ignore them. THEY ARE NOT 100% correct ya know. I love you humans more than any men you know that and will gladly kick them aside so we can be together always.

Don't know what else to rant about...and oh!

Stop crying for lord's sake. It's not going to get my sympathy even if you die in front of me, being the cold-hearted self i am. Not even for Japan's recent disaster. Pfft.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kitty's message to mah haters

Sexy Lacy Demon.

Lacy's kinda like my spirit of revenge to my haters *laugh*
I'm AN ARTIST. I'm not gonna swear or fight like a hooligan, this is what i do and what i like to do.

damned. <3

colored: http://lapin-de-fou.deviantart.com/art/Lacy-Demon-198538203

This is a drawing, with a message to my haters.

I have nothing against you, you're probably a ranting idiot. I'm a bitch, and still have my stand that i am cute, sexy, smart and talented, while you're just a useless idiot who just wanna get angry at me while i am having fun trampling your ego with my sexy S-curve everywhere.

So, there... you go.


我还是看待自己是可爱美丽性感的天才,而对我来说生气的你可是一个只是给我娱乐的笨蛋。 玩玩你,撕烂你的自尊心可是我近来无聊时必须的娱乐,我只好用个性感S舞姿感谢你给我解闷。


Wednesday, February 9, 2011



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    Imaginative Earthy
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    Kitty's health not getting any better during CNY

    NOM NOM Fuud fuud and moar fuud~!!

    Resulting now that the over heaty-ness in my body, that now i have a bloody sorethroat and i mean it literally since there's signs of blood in the phlegm. Poor me.

    At least now my life is happier with my boyfriend. =D Who always looks out and cares for me, with me as his first interest of life. We're been together for like a month plus now and we never had any argument. *CHEERS* Well there was tears a few time, when i was having some gastric problems and almost fainted (+ almost fell off vehicle while doing that)while vomiting out my gastric juices + blood. He cried as he thought i was going to die. (=.=") Then got me to nom herbal meds everyday ever since and so i am healthy now again i guess....more or less.

    What a hot day it is today. And I'm plainly blogging because i am bored and want to try out if that tumblr thing is working here. If you're interested, here's the link.
    http://kittylovespudding.tumblr.com/(I'm making it as a artblog though with some other random stuff with feeds from blogger (here) as well. WOOTS.

    Here's a pic of me and my darling @ Marina Bay. =3

    I think that's it for now!

    Happy Lunar New Year in the year of the Hare~!!

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    Happy Lunar New Year Humans!!

    Good luck in the year of the Hare!!
    And May i have a smooth sailing and Moolah$-full new year!! XDDD

    Thursday, January 20, 2011


    YAY work ended and all. I finally got to the saloon to save my hair.
    So now i look SHOOOoooo AWESOME i can sweep u guys down with my awesomeness if i want to...OH HO HO HO...

    My health is deteriorating thanks to my gastric, which is forbidding me from much acidic food or i will throw up every bit of food i eat. OH BYE BYE COFFEE, TEA AND SPICINESS....T-T

    I still take a lil but people are just forbidding me to touch those food and now i am sad. :(

    Hmmm...what else i shall say huh....i think i'll reserve it till i blog next time...OH OH...

    PAYCHECK!! 2k~!♥