Friday, July 2, 2010

Bye bye peoples, see you guys in Early October...

So many things, so little time i have left now here before the lappy. Now packing up my stuff, with many heavy feelings and feels quite upset about this. But at least i have my phone with me, so i can still receive sms-ses. (Leon will be helping me top up so that i can still contact him in case i feels upset.)

Don't ask why i can't contact other ppls, is not like u guys are paying for my phone bills. =p <--stingy

-4 sets of clothing
-some random necessities for my hair and skin
-1 empty blank notebook (which will serve as my diary and sketchbook)
-1 mechanical pencil
-1 small lead container
-1 eraser
-Leon's jacket and neoprints
-1 phone + charger

Still have somemore stuff to pack. Should i bring more misc stuff?

I stopped crying after crying for 2 hours plus until i got sick yesterday. Still upset though, but not crying anymore.

Seriously don't want to go somewhere where i don't know anyone and somewhere i dunno and may be in danger. (there was a gang rape case last year there and food poisoning case that killed some people the year before too.) <-- DANGER

Though i heard it's somewhere near my place.(I doubtingly think so)

Not really want speak of reason or anything like that, since this is not my decision or my choice. But I'm sure I'll miss everything here to the point i go bonkers and such. But I hope 3 months pass by fast, after that i will go school and meet u ppls and I wanna stay out for one night maybe. At a hotel/chalet. Just somewhere outside to spend time with u guys and of course my dearest Leon.

3 months, I'll be back a dark kitty (which i hope not *prays much* and packs in sunblock ). Anyways, I'll be gone in the afternoon 2moro and only be back in October 3rd/4th. So make sure to stab any idiots who hack my accounts.

Hmmm dunno what else to say. I'll update it before i leave i guess.

I'll miss you people lots. I love you and don't forget about me, or i seriously WILL be saddened. (Well I'll still be sadden to come back to fb and see how much I've missed out on life and my friends having fun take pic and such. ARGHhhh...)

But ya, I love u guys.

Hope i can still hear from u ppl before i leave and hiatus my Network and Social life.

PS: in case i dun come online on the 4th or even if u ask my leon he also no heard from me, prolly means I'm dead somewhere.

So i wanna tell u guys before i regret it: I love u all and i NEVER regretted walking my life and meeting everyone of u, good and bad. Thanks. I love you.