Friday, April 30, 2010

Upset and tired....kitty should nap...

It's very late now like 4am. I'm very very tired. yet also quite upset that i don't think i'll be able to see leon before he goes to ns service.

We were supposed to be meeting on may 2, but it's weekened so i can't go out.
then we changed to the 3rd, but apparently, hit on holiday of schools,so no transport and still I CAN'T GO OUT EITHER!! *cry*

He's going in on the 4th, prolly i wun see him for many weeks, or prolly a few months or so. So I'm pretty heart broken.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Lovey kitty

Whimsical whimsical lovey dovey kitty.

Went out with the dar yesterday. Was so happy happy, even until now. Ish so pampered, love and taken good care by my dar dar though i feeling of like faintish because body of the heaty n very lack of sleep.

Loves my dar dar lots lots. Though he weak n or the moron at times that i want to piak him in the head...Hmmm....LOL


Now i sound like a moron. HAHhaa

What a pair~! ^w^

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can't sleep at night again, nocturnal kitty

"O_O" My dear 'Sandra Jie Jie' still of stalking me....i forgots...HAhahaaa

Thanks couz. I'm fine. Just maybe i prolly like lock here too long and misses peoples that's all.

*still hugging donkey*

I am missing leon a lot. spent my time thinking ang thinking about us. Like things we did, how we met, why we quarrel.

Things about when he scolds me, throw me in the streets, our first kiss, us watching the full moon at beach in the night, us quarreling, him noming my food and says my cooking fails, swimming and realise he can't swim, eating kaya toast together, me crying when i miss him, his voice, his interests, him calling me stupid mao, him trying to wake me up in my morning, me trying to help him cover blanket when i pull away the blanket when i sleep, i punch him when he tries to surprise me, him ignoring me to play games....

i sound so obsessed.

Prolly because i really miss him.

but this is how my nights have become. Heart beating fast as though I'm drunk, memories of him flooding me. Keep crying, stop crying, smiling, then crying again, and then eventually decide i should not lie down and on the lights and sit by my lappy to do something constructive other than crying and getting my tummy upset too.

I wonder. What else could i say that 'i love u dar' and *kisses* on msn and while sms-ing. I kinda got tired of words. Yet, i do not know what else i can tell him.

I miss the way he looks at me, fondles with my messy hair, the way he hugs and touches me to makes me feel fo safe and blissful, the way we hold hands and play with each other's palm with our fingers, the way we wrestle while trying to tickle each other or when i am trying to smack him.


I am wierds. We're together for like more than 2 years and i still act like that obsessed, that in love with him when as we first kissed.

I just couldn't stop.

It's such a whimsical thing, why i just can't fall out of love with this stupid boy whom i love a lot.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kitty tears as soon as i close my eyes in the dark...

I tired and hungry and i need to sleep. Tummy's not feeling well at all, because i couldn't stop crying. It's so quiet, peaceful and dark that i could hear my inner thoughts so clearly than ever before. And i most of them aren't pretty.

I feel so alone now.

I miss leon and my friends. Missing Leon even more since our time together will be even less than now in the future that i feel so afraid. It's like losing my only family. Though it's only for 2 years...but...i really no want to be just left alone like that.

Damned, i sound like some spoilt, selfish brat...



*hugs donkey and waits till daybreak....*

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emotional Kitty

I seriously wonder since when i got emotional. I am finally realising that i am crying a whole lot easier lately.....well actually like since the past 2 years...

Especially when it concerns something about family. I was watching 'Mainichi Kaasan' when i realise i got teary.Mind u, the anime is a comedy about a family. COMEDY. And now that i realise....i don't wanna go for graduation day.



I don't see why i have the need to tear and cry as well.No one's gonna turn back and look at me. No one's gonna pity me.

Yet....i can't stop it either...

I miss Leon.

....i hate being alone here....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally graduating from NYP mew~


It's been a short journey and i'm so going to miss my friends and people i met in NYP. T-T Waiting to get teh gradution notice letter from my aunt though, hope she faster give me. I still have many things to do.

Wondering if i ever will see my friends after this though. I is going to miss them a lot. >.< We should have chalet every year k?? then can go out and play, just the lot of us. AND TWISTER!! XDDD I had fun at the last chalet though, really enjoyed every moment together, even if things din turn out quite right the whole time.

Hope i could still get in touch with u ppls and leon especially during the random 3 months of MIA ness. Please dun think i dieded ok? I will call u guys after that to make sure i ok n still alive. Will not promise that i will not emo though...since i always does. But at least, i don't think i will kill myself. LOL

Prolly after that i might stay in the kach house, since they are willing to keep me. They should just make me god sister of kach or something, haha. I likes of the Kach family, friendly ppls.

Last thing: i realised i should blog more. LOL