Tuesday, February 23, 2010

While waiting for Lappy to recover itself, kitty rants...

I actually was donw with my portfolio stuff, until the lapppy crashed last night while i was finish on the name card. DAMNED!! And i made it look so nice somemore on the cover but it hanged before i could save it. STUPID COM. DIE AT THE WRONG TIME!! And one week after my harddrive died too. Well, good job. Now i have nothing to do but to wait and type blog n growl at fb comments.

This reminds me. I have like a month's worth on emails from horoscope sites telling me 'NOT TO TOUCH MACHINERIES, especially when it is red car'. My lappy is pink, i guess it's close enough? My harddrive broke, my handphone screen cracked, my room's tv got retarded. Ok and flikering lights....and my aircondition is dripping. Oh great. So i guess, if i meet up a red car i will be run over with? RAWRRRR!!

Maybe I'm not one with patience. Since my lappy had only been through this for like around one and a half hours? And i have been doing this since yesterday morning, though i keep restarting it like one hour after it loads. But today. I decided to wait. Hopefully it will load before noon so that i can do work, else i need go find lect to beg n prayy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kitty being in and out and BACK INTO DEEP WATERS AGAIN!!

I'm so tired, finally i am able to end my $800 debt and another shit cock up again. My harddrive busted and $200 plus flew away. And good, now i owe leon money and he refuses to pick up my call.

I've been crying so much that it seems it'll never stop. My heart hurts so much. i was finally looking forward to the day to be free and just a few hours later punched straight back into the soil. I'm so tired, I dunno how much more longer can i take this...Less than half a year, more than 1K gone. I CAN'T EVEN ENJOY MY CNY MONEY NOW!! I don't think i can even go out chalet with my friends at the end of the semester. I dunno If i'm being plain unlucky or what, i am so tired, SO VERY TIRED.

Half a month,
-1k plus gone
-Relationships got into jeopardy
-i at least lost 5kg UNHEALTHYLY, i bet u
-I have lost stuffs like 4 times (Only 2 times that i got it back)
-My Bed's stand Broke
-the injury on my toe got worse, now i have difficulty walking without feeling pain.
-My bunny bag broke
-One of my favorite Boots broke

I have lost so much, so much...
Time, fun, love, food, sleep....

What i have sacrificed myself of, I bet you'll never imagine the pain. It's not just about the money, I can tell u, i sacrificed a lot lot more than that. Every moment frustrated about how to clear my problems that no one can help me. (Or should i say, those who can refused to help me)

What can i do now, i am not sure. I'm too tired to struggle or help myself...