Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kitty hates the humans on the high chair...

I've heard someone in the govt died today and we as citizens are forced to wear black sashes on our arm or we're deemed to be caught by the police as a means of disrespecting our whatever that he is. WTS, like he has done anything for me in the first place and BLAH, i don't even know the person. For someone who's so cocky to even make people respect him after he died, damned, you must be one desperate dude for attention.

Sitting on the high chair makes u sooooo blind. It's not about wearing the black sash, it's more on the way of 'WHY DO I HAVE TO RESPECT U ANYWAYS'?

It's obviously ur incompetent that my life is sucky anyways. HURR.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year's resolution 2o1o

Setting mah GOALS of 2o1o

1. Graduate from SIDM with honours (i will work hard on it)

2. Have success for fusion and hope i get into a good company that doesn't make me OT all the time. (i no want to sleep 1h's of very tiring and stressful)

3. Have better improvement for depression problem. I do not wish to have another suicide attempt anytime soon. >o<

4. Take up modelling. (HURR...i wish...I'm short n fail)

5. Learn to save money properly. No more wasting money.

6. learn to make costume. (Anyone wants to lend/give me sewing machine?)

7. Learn to do impressionism...(OH LAWL)

8. I wish someone buy my art piece.... will it happen?

9. Clean my room before CNY. LOL, it's forever gets messy when i busy.

10. Final, lose more fats. Especially around my shoulder area.