Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mewsh ish 19 now!!

I wouldn't say it's a happy birthday or a bad one, since it consists a balance of both. But sadly, end of the day, i still ended up frowning.

Today morning started out fine, as usual, just that it's my birthday, plus I'm unwell with bad tummy aches for the whole day. As you all might or might not know, I hate Birthdays, especially mine. Since I had cried (In of a negative event) at every birthdays since a very young age that i was all set in mind thinking that i was born on an unlucky day.

I didn't mind people not knowing my birthday. It's normal, Since I'm not born on some festival or any day important. And Honestly speaking, though i talk a lot, I don't talk about generally myself, right? ^-^
It's not that i have any kind of secrets, I just don't talk about it, since it doesn't cross my mind when i talk. lols

Oh wells.

The day started with me staring at the skies while waiting for leon. (extremely hungry)

(took a pic of the skies, pretty right??) XDD

After that leon brought me to noms mac then to school where i recieved my first birthday wish from Mandl!! XDDD

SK totally forgottened about it, until i tried to re-run the sequence when we talked about my birthday last week. lols

Then after that Me and Kach and Daniel and SK went for noms togather!! I hash Banana milkshake!!

Arranged: Onion's, Mine's, Kaiting's, Kach's

Then went back to class to do stuff of course. <--GCK But i kinda got moody a bit later since something struck, so headed off for an hour to cry it all out myself before going back it a semi-calm mood. I Took some pics of the scenery there after i calmed down, nice yeah? But i won't say where, that's my lil' secret spot. I called leon, he heard me crying, he knows I'm moodly, tried to calm me down and headed over after that to gives me a little private party with my friends.

(leon got strawberry cake!! ISH VERY DELICIOUS!! XDDD but someparts got 'poisoned by candle wax, lols~)

(but it so appears that it kinda phailed, since he was solely doing everything and fails in getting everyone's attention on him whn he asked if the cake's nice)

Not much presies, only boots from kach and Little pink dolphin pluishie from leon. But i ish contented.

Cute, right~?!!

Then we went back to woodlands for a little stroll around and took some neoprints. After that had gundam talk and have some private time talking and fondling with each other *hearts* XDD I loves and thankies him for today lots lots!!

Then i go back to the bus station again and went home snuggling my dolphin from leon~

Mewsh ish have 2nd cake at home. A forced one by father. Kinda quarrelled with him about it, since he talked in a way that i should bow down to him or something since MY MOTHER bought it for me. I don't even care if he says he buy bread for me on my birthday as he said, i won't even eat it.


(2nd cake: white chocolate cake )

Then i went back to bed crying and my day ended like that...wow.....theend...zzz

Sunday, July 12, 2009

after thought of Cosfest 2009 - TOTAL PHAILUREEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...mew!


went to Leon's house to dress up, i wore Kach's pink Yukata and it totally shocked Leon and he said i looked very stunningly beautiful and feminine. i ish so happy XDDDD

he snapped a pic of me before going out while i was lawl-ings at Word world on TV. (His sister was watching it until it turned into Harry Potter)

I helped him do makeup and make his hair nice nice, even helped him pick out his clothes from his closet. Surprisingly, he does has nice clothes but doesn't wear it.

i took his pic at lunch, Uber handsome XDDDDDDDDDDDD *swoons*

We went out only at noon, we went to timezone first and the staff there din recognize him until he talked to them. PHHHhhHHAhHHAHhahahaaaa......and then i talked to them for a bit while leon deal with his work stuff, they all agreed with me, he looked uber good looking like this~ A bit unlike him, but yeah, it's good~

Then we got on train with ppl keep staring at me!! *shy*

:Afternoon at Cosfest:

I can't believe what we're put up with here. Boxes that call themselves gundams, kamen riders with giant head, Odex jokers, Burgerking Sephiroth, Crossdressers with very phail face n no make up, oversized red gundam that i dun even want to mention which and Mask rider kabuto unbishi-fied.

Oh mais....my heart. URG

Honestly to say, it's quite boring there.

But thank god i have my friends there to play with and kinda have some time with Leon, so i won't complain too much about it.

lunch is ok~

And Hentai talked about his PSP having 2 girl ghosts now...Oh wow? (there in this pic ish Hentai's PSP) Honestly, i dun believe in it, since he no proven me anything about it or his ability to see things.

But we left around 4 plus, which ish good, since it's unbearably bored there and i dun even bother to take any pics...really....not much good cosing there.


Went to Zi Han house to rant a bit about cosplay. Surprisingly, no one was surprised by his attire and makeup here and said he totally deserved it. wow? lols

But they kinda expected me to be stared at during the whole journey. wow? lols

Yeah, it still looks pretty 'Leon' and i only emphasized that point in him to make him a lot lot more cooler

Changed to Leon's jacket at Zi han room with them, only Zhi han was damned suprised. Sam (his sis) lol-ed at him. i was only wearing a binder and shorts inside, wow? sexy...??

But leon think ish damned obsence since, his shirt was so long, that it completely covered my shorts. Oh mais....the wrongness.

Then after playing Kamen Rider Kabuto PS2 and got OSU, we went back to leon house. Finally some peace and quiet as i change back to my own clothes and pack up. Then he accompanied me to the bus station and leaves after the bus comes.

then while waiting for my father when i reached my stop, i took a pic of the floor.

at least i know this is much more facinating than cosfest today.

then after i reached home n dieded, so zzz-ed.